Important! Please note that in the case of Partner detachment, a 100% Deposit Bonus will be automatically canceled for the detached account.

A client can request detachment from their Partner only if the client's Personal Area is verified.

To do that, you need to send a request for an IB detachment to our customer support e-mail with the following information:

  • Your full name;
  • The account number you want to detach;
  • A reason why you want to be detached;
  • Confirm that you agreed with the 100% bonus cancellation (if you have any);
  • The copy of the document you used for identity verification.

The detachment request will be processed only in case the funds you received from the Partner were transferred back to him. 

Important! In the "Partner Attachment" tab available on the "Account Settings" page, you can check to which IB the trading account is linked.